I moved into the apt with her and received a stipend of $75 a week and room and board. I received no respite or help with her. I got no time off ever or even left the apartment being completely dependant on family for a ride to pick up groceries. I begged my cousin and POA for a break stating I needed a break mentally and it was becoming too much making me mentally unstable since I was also trying to handle a surgery on newly found cancer all without insurance and no savings just my $75 a week. We had a contract and I filled out paperwork with her social worker to try and receive benefits since I was certified as a PCA previously. But I was always never informed of her finances or medical decisions. I was so mentally unstable I was suicidal and threatened in a last ditch effort for a break or I would quit. Then my cousin told me I was needed to move out and she was taking my hypothetical 2 weeks notice as a fact. That I was now homeless and needed to vacate the premisses. Because I was unfit to care for her so she would find someone else. I was given no place to go or time to pack. And my sister was brought in to care with same stipend and room and board but all the days off and ne to help even though I live in a tent and can only see my mom if I help give her a break but am told I at least am lucky cause I can eat something. Now I am trying to get 1099 to get any eic because I live in a tent but moms POA refused saying I'd owe. I have been thinking shes getting the benefits I applied for with social worker with my credentials and I think there's other issues going on seeing paperwork suggesting the POA is stealing and lieing about funds my mother has gotten and receiving benefits but reporting incorrect information. I am homeless but only aloud to see her if I'm caring for her on my own but yet though I was incapable before. Please guidance even just if on tax information. But this homeless daughter is so lost with all this greed and disception I don't know what to do or what were or are my rights???? Help please.

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I work in a welfare department and see many homeless people who are camping out each week. I recommend going into your local office to apply for Food Stamps, Medicaid, and possibly cash assistance. The cash depends on local rules, but many places have some type of General Assistance. You can also learn about other community resources such as shelters, food and clothing banks. It sounds to me like you should apply for disability with Social Security...either Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income (it depends on how much of a work history you have with SS).
Now, as to getting a Form 1099 to do a tax return and get Earned Income Tax Credit refund so you get some cash.....I'm also a retired IRS employee, so here's some advice in that area. Do your tax return without it and just report the self employment income on Schedule C and do the rest of the return. You can probably find free tax preparation in your community. Now be sure you also have a reliable address where you can receive mail-many homeless people don't and lose benefits when they don't respond to government correspondence.
It is possible to get past the family issues if you don't dwell on it. Get medical coverage and some mental health care and focus on your immediate issues. It can get better. Good Luck. Let us know.
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Hang on I am sure someone on here can give you some good advice. I will pray for you and your situation. Look to Jesus and he will look back. Pray, the answers will come.
May God bless.
You are living in a tent? Are you at a campground or? How are you managing the cold?
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