Hi susanlojacono! Many aging seniors do have increased sleep. There can be a variety of reasons for this: health issues, boredom, or need for rest. I would encourage you to check out what options may be available in your area for increased socialization and recreation for your loved one. A senior living advisor may be able to help you determine what resources are available in your area.
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Susan, yes it is quite normal for a 92 year old person, with or without dementia, to sleep a lot. That person has lived a very long time, they are pretty tired.

My parents were in their 90's, and use to brag that they only needed 6 hours of sleep. But they forgot to add onto that 6 hours the hour or so of "napping" after breakfast.... napping after lunch... napping before dinner... and napping after dinner.

Some times meds can make someone tired. If the person is on blood pressure pills that can zone the person out. I know I was always tired until my pill doses were adjusted.

Even food, such as pasta and breads, will tire a person out. Give me pasta for lunch, and I am out like a light an hour later.

If the 92 year old isn't getting some type of exercise, be it doing light housekeeping or working out in the yard, they can develop a habit of napping all the time. One also has to watch out for depression, it isn't easy getting older.
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Omg. The expert is back at it! But now she’s not even being transparent about the fact that she is advertising “a place for mom”. This really shouldn’t be allowed here!
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