My Mom sits in a chair in her room near the window. My Mom is 93 and frail. Is this safe for her, for me? Is it better to die of the virus or loneliness? How do you get someone who is kinda not all there to understand this situation?

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Maintain your 6 feet distance. We are in the middle of a pandemic. You cannot put other lives in danger, no matter what your personal thoughts and feelings are on the matter. This is very very hard. Something our generations have not been through. I am so sorry. It is painful for many of us.
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If your mother is mentally “with it”, meaning not suffering from dementia, this probably isn’t her first rodeo. You can explain to her that there is a terrible “flu” going around now and you want to keep her safe. If she asks questions, give her brief answers and keep the gruesome details of this pandemic to a minimum. If she has dementia, she most likely will not understand any explanation and it’s better just to say you’ll come into her room “tomorrow” and change the subject.

It seriously concerns me that the Assisted Living would allow their residents and the resident’s families to communicate through an open window. You may as well be in the room with her. A window screen provides no barrier to COVID-19. Its been discovered that people can be carriers with no symptoms. If you are one of these people, you could introduce this virus into the building. If I heard about this going on in my husband’s facility I’d be very, very unhappy. I haven’t seen him for a month. And that’s fine. His facility is doing it all the right way. Does the administration know their staff is doing this?
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againx100 Apr 6, 2020
I think you need to keep the window closed. A screen is NOTHING. I'm also surprised the staff is doing this!
I’m so sorry. When you say there is a screen and it’s open, are you a reasonable length away from the screen?

These are sad times. I don’t think you can get her to understand. Is it possible to speak to the workers who care for your mom and see what they say about your mom’s reaction to all of this?
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