How should I plan for the post retirement years in terms of care?

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If you cannot do anything about insurance then you need to speak to a financial advisor and save like crazy to make up. Otherwise post retirement, you will do what a lot of people do to make ends meet is to get a part time job. A good planner may want you to sock away money into IRAs or invest in a balanced portfolio. What I am afraid about long term insurance is if you get dementia and forget payments, your policy becomes null and void.
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Your profile says you are ‘caring for Mom who is 71 years old’. That is very young for someone to need care. Could you give more details about why?

Regarding options for yourself ‘several decades from now’, that’s very hard to predict. It depends on you, but also on the system. You can’t know what your needs will be, what options will be available several decades in the future (several decades in the past things were rather different), or what Government planning and funding changes might be in place. There are a lot of people who don’t think much of the current systems! Planning ahead is usually a good idea, but worrying about the distant future is often a waste of time.
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Long term care insurance has always been a good idea until recently. As I understand it, rates on longstanding policies have increased significantly and new ones are even higher. You can look into it through AARP.

We moved my mother into a 55+ community when she turned 74 years old. She lived there fairly independently until she was 84, at which time she needed assisted living. We have used the money from the sale of her house (which has now been depleted) to fund assisted living. Also, the communities were side-by-side and across the street from a physical rehab center. So, she only moved next door when she went to assisted living. During the times she went to the hospital she would go afterward to the physical rehab center, then move back across the street to assisted living. Try to find a convenient complex like this if one exists in your area.

We are all facing this, so some of us choose not to think about it!
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Even if you had kids, relying on them for your needs as you age isn't the best plan. Make a plan that keeps you independent.

Some get long term care insurance, just in case.

When you are old enough, downsize and move into a senior community. Could start with an apartment and if you need help with things, move into an assisted living facility. Hire helpers to do what you can't do for yourself.
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