I have Rx from my Drs, records have been sent and they reply "we only do Hospice cases." I'm a disabled Nurse and I know this program has been around for years. What can I do?

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I'm not in that area so not familiar with the program you mention (sounds great!) but it sounds like your talking about Palliative Care perhaps? Given there is a funding program in your area there must be a list of agencies who provide it and accept Medicare, maybe Agency on Aging or the equivalent in your area site or a phone call to whoever oversees the program? Maybe just using a different term like Palliative care when searching on-line or calling around. The other resource might be the doctors office that wrote the RX, they may know of agencies who provide the service you need or how to get a social worker or someone to come to you and help find the resources.
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What I read is Medicare "may" pay for this service. It also looks like there may be some out of pocket expenses.

Looks like the problem is these homecare agencies don't provide the service. I would think they would need to have someone who knows the in and outs of Medicare and who can coordinate the services you need. Homecare agencies may just not have the budget to hire someone or the need doesn't warrent it. Have you tried any of the large hospitals in your area? Your Specialists?
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Kathleen, I live in your area and was not familiar with Chronic Care, so I looked it up so others here in the forum could be informed.

You mentioned "Agency", do you mean Loudoun County agency on aging, or licensed caregiving agencies? Are you looking for home care? Or senior facilities that help with many medical issues?

I do know that Capital Caring is Hospice only, as both my parents used them.
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