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There is a question from Sept about being evicted. In eight months it hasn't happened? I suggested then u go to Social Services. Did you.

You need to get hubby back into a home. You are a Community Spouse and will not be made impoverished. Senior housing maybe the next thing. They go by scale. 30% of what you bring in. Then you can apply for food stamps. If you are on Medicaid as ur health insurances, they have services they offer. Call your Office of aging. Even APS since if evicted you have a vulnerable senior.

Do your boys have mental challenges? If not, they need to start contributing. The rent should be split 3 ways. Then they pay for their own food and bills. You are no longer required to support them.
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ZRDC 0523
If you have a mortgage, it can be refinanced with the help of an attorney. Often, the monthly payment can be less. Any credit card debt can be paid off by the proceeds of the loan. Call the bank and inquire.

If I read your profile correctly, and another question similar in Sept. 2018, you have two adult sons living with you?

Please answer some questions so we can maybe help you.
Is your husband now living at home after returning from the NH?

I hope I have it correct, difficult to spend the time and ARE YOU STILL THERE?

P.S. After reading more, the OP stated they were paying rent.
She was having trouble paying for home health supplies, feeding tube diet, and other added expenses.

Wondering if she should have been able to bill Medicaid for these things?
I am thinking she herself is unable to care for or follow through with obtaining help for her husband, herself, her two adult sons?

Without enough information, it is just a guessing game.
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Can you provide more information? Here are some questions so that we can understand your situation better and can help give you better answers.

Why are you not able to pay your rent?
Are you both receiving Social Security?
Any pension?
Credit card debt?
What percentage of your monthly income goes to rent?
Are you or your husband giving money to someone else? Sweepstakes perhaps?
Do you or your husband have any illness or disability?
Can you go back to work?

Sorry for the many questions. Just want to understand your situation better.
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My husband and I were in the same situation. We tried a debt relief program, but we had to put $500 a month into an account to be used (eventually) to pay our creditors. We finally filed for bankruptcy, Chapter 7. We can keep our house and car. Our credit is trashed, but it would have been anyway. I saw this on the horizon and decided it was our only option. If it’s too late for you, you only option may be to call legal aid or your local Area Agency on Aging.
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Sorry, you are in the wrong forum. We are Caregivers sharing our experiences caring for loved ones.

Call you local Office of Aging. They may be able to help you.
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