My husband needs to get a picture identification card—not a driver’s license, just an I.D. card. But he’s bedridden and cannot leave the house. How do I get this accomplished?

Try to , online, find a traveling notary, ask them to come over and then fill out (prior to the visit) sign a p.o.a paper; this allows you to do the legwork. Then, take his current expired card to the DMV as his poa, and talk with the teller. They use the old pictures. I have done this myself.
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Any chance he has a passport? If it’s expired you can mail it in for renewal. It’s what I did until then I was using an expired license. Everyone seemed to accept that. I know it’s challenging
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Ahmijoy Nov 30, 2018
No, he doesn’ t have a passport, unfortunately. But, I did go through channels and found that the Ohio DMV would send a field agent who came out a little more than a week ago and took his photo. It was all free and I am awaiting the ID so I can get his SS card replaced. A long process, but it had to be this way. Thanks for your advice!
Most DMVs will send a field agent out to the house if the person is home bound. You most likely have to call to arrange that.
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Ahmijoy Sep 30, 2018
Thanks. You’re exactly right. I found it online and will call to request one tomorrow. It’s called a “Homebound Kit”.
No. He needs a current picture ID to get a replacement SS card. His driver’s license is expired and the SS office won’t accept it. I think I’ll call our DMV tomorrow.
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cwillie Sep 30, 2018
stupid bureaucratic bs makes things unnecessarily difficult, yet somehow criminals still manage to get fake ID
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The nursing homes are full of people who can't accomplish this - what do they do? Is there no other to get what you need without the photo ID?
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