In 2015, Mom lived in Chesterfield, VA She came to Salem, VA for a visit, fell down my steps, incurred a brain injury, did a hospital stay, then a full in-patient rehab stay. It was determined at that time she needed 24/7 care and I mover her in to my home in Salem, VA. She then completed a ful in-home rehav term, then a full out of home rehab term. I am her 24/7 caretaker. I do not have access to any of her prior worldly possessions in Chesterfield, VA. EG: birth certificate, insurance data, etc. Unfortunately, last year (June 2017) when her VA ID came up for renewal, which required a new picture ID, she had just been released from the hospital to an in-patient rehab facility for 3 months. Mom is in late stage dementia, has to be either in bed or a wheelchair, and I need to somehow get a new ID for her. Don't have a clue where her original social security card or birth certificate would have ended up. I need help and quick. I am trying to line up God knows what to get her some help because I am in desperate need of surgery and rehab and recovery time. I have to get her taken care of if at all possible before I go to surgery. Please, please give ideas. We live in Virginia.

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Write to Medicare, or go online for a new card.   Change the address also.
Did she NOT bring her purse with her for the visit, and have ID at that time?
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Start by wheelchairing her to the nearest DMV office for an I.D. and change of address.
Then wheelchair her to the nearest social security office, changing her address and getting her SSI sent to you.
Send for her birth certificate to the Hall of records in the county in which she was born.
Include a check for the fee. Get a "Certified copy".

Start there. DO NOT PANIC. This will take some paperwork, follow-up, and due diligence on your part.

Are there other siblings?

What have you been doing for money for her? How did she get medical care without I.D.?

Someone dropped the ball, but that is understandable. Start now, from where you are.
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