I have a older sibling who printed out poa online had mom sign (before mom had dementia)while sedated mood in hospital mom later sd she never signed anythg her thgt was just to sign medical papers to go to a room ..she couldnt read. If so poa never had wotness there nor did she obtain a honest notarize person it was a friend afterwards doing it of hers. Thats the way this poa works even on us siblings she conned us into releasing our fathers house soley in moms name .mom was a spoiled wife dad knew she would either sell for peanuts or gv away thgs . She as well sold her plot next to him because she wanted no plot because he died WTC..thats how she was unfortunately. Well now since dementia set in poa is acting like all this was legal and we asked foe a copy she sd f$$k you..prior to earlier bout she manipulates poa (told each of us rt during griefing time after dad past ) mom needs house in her name to pay taxes only so im sending each of u a form no need for notarize so each of us not knowinly signed( she only sent a signature page to us we never recieved the whole document) poa claimed we all will get in mail afterwards ..we trusted her word .well low and behold we were signing a release of deed transfer to mom . Now moms bf has full range does anyone know in texas how to legally and cheepest way to legally mk him and poa stop all thid he has took every piece of jewlery and expensive stuff we gave mom over the years and hid in his safe elsewhere never shows us he says well its in the safe my dads house dont have a safe .. he took mom to check cashing place to add him to cash her ira chk from dads acct each month he takes her ss check pockets all( she only has water and electric to pay.) She recieves alot more than 600 a month i want to try to get legal paper work to mk him not get access to her income ..poa protects him annd he leaves mom alone refuses help except aide to drop by . Mom caught on fire o2 tank burnt severly .now 3rd hospital thy moved her to poa and him pit my mom under different last name Wtc.

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