Up 7 - 8 times a night, have to get up and reconnect oxygen for each room.

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Well..sorry you cannot stop it.

i could sometimes delay it for a couple hours by keeping him calm and giving him something soothing to do.
because of a lifetime of Rx drug use, his liver was already so badly damaged...anything else (even over the counter) could not be given to him.

i just do not know how to solve this. I couldn’t solve it for myself either. I was actually in the process to put him in a NH when he passed.

I knew the morning I woke up and realized immediately that I had slept through the entire night....I knew then he had passed during the night. No way he would let me sleep.
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Sundowning is a natural progression of dementia, speak with health care professional regarding medication that may help with sleeping and wandering.
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Jannyfa, sorry there is no way of eliminate sundowning from a person. Sadly it is just part of developing dementia.
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