How to help my Father quit smoking after stroke?


My father has irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and had severe stroke a month ago.

He still insists on smoking. He smokes a cigarette or two daily.

How dangerous it is now? and how can I help him quit?

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Thank you for your answers.

He is 63. We restrict him to two otherwise he asks for cigarette after every couple of hours.

But is becoming very stressful for him to not get a cigarette. However that is not the only reason, not getting back to business and his pets etc are also sources of stress.
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Depending on your Dad's age, the stress of quitting smoking might be MORE stressful then continuing to smoke. I doubt smoking one or two cigarettes a day will do much harm at this stage of the game.

Now if he falls asleep with a lit cigarette, that's another matter.
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Ask the doctor what the specific consequences are if dad smokes a couple of cigs a day. (One might be that he'd graduate from a couple to a pack-and-a-half.) make sure dad understands those consequences, and if he still wants to smoke . . . Leave him be. He's had a severe stroke. Let him recover much more than a month allows before you get on his case. If ever.
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