How to get home care for changing pessary for bladder prolapse on Alzheimer patient every 3 months?


It's getting harder to get my mom out to the office for this procedure. Are there any professionals near Scottsdale who will come to her center and do this procedure every three months?

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Thanks and I do have calls into the facility where she has been going for the procedure as well as her primary care physician.
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1. Ask the AL staff if they have any contracts or relationships with the type of doctor or nurse that can handle this procedure.

2. Ask your mother's doctor who prescribed this treatment, and to whom you've been taking her to have it changed, to recommend a home care or visiting facility medical person or group who might be willing to make a house call.

3. You'll probably need a script from your doctor to order this procedure to be done at the AL, unless there's a physician on the premises who can order it.

4. Once you determine what kind of medical person can do it (doctor or RN), google that kind of professional in your area, do whatever background research you can, and contact him/her/them to see if they make facility calls.

It would be much easier for you to do this research than for someone here not familiar with the type of medical professional necessary to try to find someone in a specific area.
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