How much should I get paid for 24 hr live-in care?


My room and board, food and utilities are included.

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DonnaRDatray, I agree with cdnreader above, about fully understanding what you are taking on.

Will you be working with an Agency, or will this be a private care matter? Make sure you do get paid, and it is on an employment agreement contract. Pay would be anywhere from minimum wage to a few dollars more. Who will be paying the payroll taxes?

Also, make sure what days you will get off, you need at least two days away from the house to re-charge yourself. And what about holidays? And if you are sick, who will come in to cover for you?

Some States have laws about caregiving and over-time. And if you are an "independent contractor" [thus, not through an Agency], make sure the client has "workman's comp" rider on his/her homeowners insurance just in case you get hurt on the job.

A 24 hour live-in-care person, depending on the client's needs, will eventually be doing the work of three 8-hour shift caregivers. Thus with very little sleep, you will find yourself crashing and burning from exhaustion.
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Dear Donna,

It is a lot to take on and the salary range can vary from $15/hour to more. Be careful. And try to fully understand what you are taking on and how much you are willing to accept.
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An agency would charge in the area of 12 K a month. Rent, food and utilities are not charged to agencies if they have three shifts of caregivers coming in. A facility would cost roughly 6K a month. There are some people, even family members, that seem to think room and board are enough. It isn't.
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