My mother in 2015 removed me from power of attorney and health care proxy only to make another person her health care proxy. I tried to fight it however the judge stated that my mother was in her right mind when she made the change, but I beg to differ. Can this person be paid to be her proxy, if so how much? She lives in queens, NY. I lost my power of attorney as well. What can I do? What should I do? I have no funds for a lawyer and I believe this health care proxy is 85 years old. The judge awarded the case a geriatric manager, to overlook everything, but left this lady her proxy.

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The judge pays zero to a health care proxy in NY. Surrogate's court spells out in the court order what billable hours can be submitted with the annual reports. The geriatric care manager will get standard billable hours for services.
Once a judge removes you, for cause, you are out of the picture. So sit back and relax.
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I am copying this directly from

"Paying your health care agent (or "attorney-in-fact" in some states) could spell trouble from a legal standpoint. Many laws governing health care directives state that the agent cannot have a monetary interest in the patient's care, so courts would likely look askance on the validity of the health care document if it involves a payoff. (This is different from a financial power of attorney, under which an agent may legally be compensated.)"
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