Three working days ago, the Agency that I am using had to let one of the aides go. How long should I have to wait before a replacement is found? They were fine with patient, missed too much work so other patients complained.

Under normal circumstances when fully staffed probably not long. But we are not in normal circumstances. Many agencies and even SNF/AL are already understaffed and now short staffed as well due to COVID-19. Honestly I'm surprised they actually let them go right now when they have to fight for every resource, I would have thought they would have kept them until they had more staff and then let them go.
It is a very high stress job and you could be working with a great patient or one that makes you want to quit your job every time you see them. And with the current situation home health and SNF/AL work has even fewer breaks than it normally would.
Has the agency given you an ETA?
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I am certain new home caregivers would be very hard to find with covid. Many do not want to take a chance of exposing the most vulnerable or getting the virus from others. It is a very hands on job with close contact.

Even without covid new caregivers are hard to find. The pay and benefits they receive is awful considering the responsibility.
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It’s unfortunately slim pickins’ for the valuable services provided by in home aides during this pandemic.
Why do you ask? Is mgmt wanting you to work the other hours to cover for the aide who was dismissed? You can’t work 24/7.
I hope mgmt finds help soon.
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Ask the agency how long it will take to get a replacement. If not an actual answer of time, the agency should be able to give an update on what the plans are for a replacement.
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jannyfa, with the C-19 virus, chances are there are not as many caregivers available compared to pre-C19.
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