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If you have concerns and have documented times and dates I would go to the administration of the facility involved and speak with them, asking them their protocol and expectations, the staff numbers and ratios they have, and etc. They will, at the least, understand you are paying attention and see to it that the break room isn't more full than the memory care halls and rooms. Hopefully.
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Tldarke May 2021
I have done that and was told it's a problem in nursing homes nationwide, understaffed.....but that doesn't change my concerns!! My mom has fallen multiple times and has been in hospital due to injuries. If she had fallen today or any of the residents and hit their heads, they could have bled out in the 22 minutes (could be more but I looked for a staff member for 22 minutes this afternoon, stood in the hallway and finally I found a nurse who was at opposite end of hall, in a patient's room with door completely shut (HIPPA) policy, I understand. If they have multiple 2 patient assist residents then they need more than 2 staff members!
You can contact the state oversight board for care facilities. Not sure if the regulations vary by state.
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