I will assume that you are referring to a needs assessment to determine what level of care is required.

If your loved one is in the hospital or rehabilitation the doctors or a nurse practitioner can do one.

If they are at home you can call the local council on aging and request one. They will contact the appropriate agency and get that scheduled, they are the Walmart of elder care and concerns. They can provide you with just about anything you need.

You can call the primary care doctor and ask them for a referral.

When you request this be done they will help direct you, any of them. However, I would not personally trust a hospitalist to decide for my loved one.

If it is for determining level of care required it is universally referred to as a needs assessment for ADLs (activities of daily living)
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Do you mean through the county? Call social services at the Dept of Health and Human Services for that county in which the care receiver lives. Talk to a social worker.
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Really don't know what kind of care assessment you are speaking of.
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What kind if care? To see what a person may need to stay bin their home? Like, what they need to stay safe?

Your local Office of Aging maybe able to help you or point u in the right direction.

Depending on income, Medicaid can evaluate for care in the home. So an aide can be provided. But, I would start with Office of Aging.
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