Every person is different. The deterioration of the brain in one person is different than that of another.
My Husband was pretty much nonverbal for 10 years but he did other things up to a week before he died that many could not/would not do.
You can print out a list of the stages and highlight each thing that your loved one can no longer do. You will see that there are many overlaps.
And if your loved one is "lucky" enough to have Vascular dementia with the Alzheimer's they can go from doing something one day to not being able to do it the next. I always said that Alzheimer's is a gentle slope of decline. The decline with both Alzheimer's and Vascular is like a slope but then there will be a landing with a steep stair or two and that is when you get a drastic drop sometimes overnight.
The "last stages" would actually be end of life or very close to it.
Stopping eating and drinking is the start of the finale.

If your Loved One is not on Hospice you might want to give them a call. Not only will you get a bit more help but you will be supported emotionally. Hospice will care for your loved one no matter where they live.
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My MIL stopped talking and walking 3 to 4 years ago. She slept most of the day unless stimulated yo wake up. She started having swallow difficulty 18 months ago. During the last month of her life was when she started taking less than enough food followed by less water. Since it was during COVID lockdown the reports were coming out that she was forgetting how to swallow.
She lasted quite a long time in this state because the rest of her was so healthy at age 92
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my mother stopped talking. a friend told me, to enjoy the jiberish, because one day, your parent will just stop talking. That happened. and, One morning, she couldn't bend her knees. After I drove to get my aunt's wheel chair, and came back for her, they had her in a wheel chair,, legs bent etc.
spoons and forks get confusing. that's earlier on, I believe.
It is cruel and hard and wouldn't wish it on anyone.
blank stares. no expression, lost soul, and one moment, you get a glimpse of the person whom you love, and then gone again...what a horrible thing.
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