husband calls pills buttons and ask who these are for,takes two hours to take pills. I know i am losing it but i don't know what else to do. I don't want to put the pills in pudding or applesauce, i just want him to take the pills before he has to take the next pills. he takes 16 pills a day.

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A few things just ran through my head. First, he might be so overmedicated that the pills look like something he still remembers. A million years ago my Puerto Rican grandma Lupe had to take a liquid medication everyday. She kept saying I was trying to feed her frogs.The "frog" was actually the reflection of my middle finger at the bottom of the cup. I switched to colored paper cups; then, to the dismay of the rest of the family, brought in her "disgusting" 200 lb. pet pig to oink in her ear and show her some love. The animal was the best medicine. She was up and about 3 days later.

Anyway, back to your Dad. Alz/dementia notwithstanding, all those pills are probably causing a general malaise. He might not be able to verbalize it, but he feels it; and is fighting.

Talk with his doctor about the side effects, and tips on how to camouflage the medications if there's no other choice.
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