He's on Long Island, New York & is Medicaid. Has heart diseases, feeble and cannot bend or pick up stuff.

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Pam, it can be hard to find assisted living that accepts Medicaid. I don't know specifically about Long Island.

Medicaid does provide what the poster is asking for -- housekeeping on a periodic basis -- at least in Minnesota. My mother had this in two different counties. Something like Meals on Wheels is typically available to help with the food issues.

I agree with you that a care center is often a better choice in terms of socialization and stimulation. But it is a considerably more expensive option than keeping people in their homes. People on Medicaid must figure out how to make-do with what is available to them and can't always insist on what would be "best."
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I don't know that Medicaid will provide a cook/housekeeper. Maybe Dad should move to Assisted Living. The biggest advantage to that is the socialization; he would have good company.
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Call his Medicaid case worker and ask for a new needs assessment. Often these are on a schedule and if the caseworkers in your area are short-staffed you may be asked to wait for his next appointment. If these are quarterly that may not be so bad.

Be sure that you are with him during the appointment. Many elders will deny that they need help, and the case worker can't decide on his or her own that they do. So if Dad says "I can keep this place clean" you'll have to point out that you are the one keeping it clean, and you need to use that time helping him in other ways.

Good luck!
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