My 80-year-old mother has a number of aches and pains and has seen numerous doctors for different conditions (breast cancer, diverticulitis, low blood pressure, hip replacement surgery). She has not seen a regular general practitioner in many years from what I know. She currently has pain in her leg for which a doctor prescribed prednisone, but that doesn't address the cause. Does anyone have any experience with geriatric specialists? Any advice on how to persuade her to make an appointment and follow through?

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I'm about to get experience with a geriatric doctor after a bad experience with an obnoxious, rude and unprofessional baby internist and baby residents at a hospital. It was a bad "luck of the draw" and taught me a lesson - that I need a geriatric doctor, if for nothing more than to be the attending physician for a hospitalization.

I've researched hospitals to find geriatricians on staff, found a geriatric clinic within the entity which encompasses our preferred hospital, and will test out a few of them myself, perhaps before the increasing complex task of taking my father.

I've also gotten recommendations from various medical personnel. Several have recommended one particular doctor, so I'll start with him.

After trying out PCPs, finding them either not encompassing in their care, or oriented toward younger patients, or having not a whole body approach but rather a narrow issue specific one, I'm looking to a geriatrician to provide more insight into the aging patient (including this one - me!)
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That's one way. lol

I researched and found the geriatric doctors in our community online. I also made inquiries about them. Then, I made an appointment for me to meet with the one that I selected in advance to discuss my LO's care and to make sure it was a good fit, as she has severe dementia. We discussed comfort care, which she had wanted, and then scheduled an appointment for her to meet with him.

If you are the Healthcare POA, it would be helpful. IF not, you can still make the appointment and take her. If she is resistant, you might tell her that you have an appointment there and ask her to go with you.
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Make an appointment and take her.

" mom, I've got you scheduled to see Dr. W; I want someone who is a generalist to look over all your meds and tell you how best to address the pain in your ( whatever hurts)."
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