So I'm in the process of bankruptcy for my parents whom I am POA for (both), and I'm trying to locate any and all debts. I've looked everywhere I can. Credit reports, local collection agencies that don't report to big credit bureaus, hospitals, clinics, previous nursing home (that will not call me back ever), credit card companies and their respective collection agencies, etc. Is there a small credit bureau I should check? Where else should I look to find debts for two people who wouldn't know?

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I should check in with the taxes and the clerk of courts. Good idea.
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The bankruptcy attorney might have some suggestions, but it seems as though you've been very thorough, especially getting credit reports. You can also check at the register of deeds or similar county office to determine if there are any liens against their property. Check with the Treasurer's Office of the community for any unpaid taxes. They would be debts.

Any issues of unpaid tickets or legal actions? Check the local courts as well as county courts.

Do you have access to their checking account statements? Charge card statements? If the latter, check the statement to see if there are any ongoing charges or ones which could be payment for debts, such as medical costs.

Also ask the attorney how this is handled. I've only worked on corporate bankruptcies, primarily Ch. 11s, but I would think that publishing a personal bankruptcy action would include notice to creditors in the local legal newspaper to reach out to creditors that haven't yet been identified.
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