I know the facility my mom is at does not give her the right care/treatment because family is too far away to monitor their behavior and services.

You will also have to arrange transport and any attendants at your own expense. Neither Medicare nor Medicaid will pay for this. With Covid 19 restrictions in place, you will need to provide proof that she is negative for most facilities to take her. Please do your research before telling her current facility that you are moving her. If there is specialized medical or psychiatric care required, you will need to locate a doctor accepting new patients as well since you are changing states.
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You have to apply for Medicaid in Iowa and find a facility with a Medicaid bed. Medicaid isn’t transferable across state lines, but basically if she’s eligible in TN, she will be eligible in Iowa but you have to apply for Medicaid in Iowa.
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Your post indicates, maybe that your mother is on Medicaid, which is run by each state, SSDI is a federal program, so the only thing you will need to do is: talk to Iowa about its Medicaid procedures for moving your mother to a new state; if Iowa has any recommendations about moving from its Medicaid onto Tennessee's Medicaid.

If you know to where you mother's current SSDI payment is being sent. (to her bank account or to the facility) then her financial power of attorney will need to contact her local SSA office to provide updated information. Meaning if she currently has the facility grab her SSDI, minus Iowa's $50 monthly personal needs allowance, then you will need to arrange her SSDI management at her new facility.
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