Do ALF’s allow in-room cameras? I am moving a LO into a California facility and am curious whether these are allowed. Not being able to be in the room during onboarding is troubling. Once all her furniture is moved in, I am required to leave. Had it been pre-coronavirus, I would have visited daily to make minor adjustments to the layout, communicate with staff on preferred ADL practices and other nuances.

Would rather asked for forgiveness than permission. :-) Does anyone have experience with this?

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Correct! Approval from the LO written into her “care plan” and a sign posted. I’m embarrassed that I even considered not notifying all parties. Privacy laws are a good thing. Thanks, @worriedinCal.
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It’s legally allowed but you have to sign a waiver and get it approved by the community care licensing division.
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Look at your contract and see if it’s addressed.
Here is an article that might inform you.
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PhunkyPhriend Apr 20, 2020
Thanks, @97. The camera will be added to her contract and a sign indicating its use will be posted.
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