He’s unwilling to move.

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Why do you want to move him into memory care?

It's time to act on the authority that he gave you - never forget that he in his right mind *gave* you this authority - when:

he is no longer able to process and take decisions in his own best interests
those decisions do have to be made.

Are both true now?
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Tell him he's going on a trip or vacation.
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Agree with JoAnn. Your profile states, " 89 years old, living at home with age-related decline, alzheimer's/dementia, anxiety, depression, diabetes, hearing loss, incontinence, and sleep disorder."

That's a lot for someone to manage long-distance. The PoA/caregiving needs to honor what is in his best interests (what he needs) as long as it's not onerous for the PoA/caregiver. You may need to employ "therapeutic fibs" to get him to his new home.
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Read your POA. It should say effective upon the person being found incompetent to make his/her own decisions. Some will say a Doctor or two is needed to confirm this. If he has been formally diagnosed, get a letter stating this from his doctor. If not, you need to have him evaluated by a neurologist. Then your POA becomes effective. Then its not longer what he wants but what he needs.
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