This is supposed to help get my father into Memory Care, over his objections. He has Alzheimer's, will not accept any in-home help, and should not be living home alone. Has anyone had any experience with this?

No … My husband and I had his brother admitted several times to the hospital for psychiatric evaluations (he had became out of control) hoping it would help with placing him somewhere. He too had Dementia along with other issues. He was living with his 83 year old mother and she was no longer able to care for him.

Although my Brother in Law was incompetent, he had not been deemed by the courts, therefore, he was allowed to make his own choices. Which meant, he could leave the hospital walking for all they cared.

In other words … Yes, it was documented at the hospital that he had challenges , however, it did not help getting him placed into Memory Care.
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How is his behavior? Because if he isn’t sick or injured and he is behavior is in control (not psychotic or violent) the ER will just send him home and tell you to follow up with PCP. The ER can be a bridge to moving an elder to a care facility but usually there has to be a bad event like a bad fall or illness until this path works. He has a formal diagnosis of Alzheimer’s? What legal documents does your father have in place?
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And did the PCP suggest how you might accomplish this? Will your father agree to attend the ER?
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