How do I handle a beloved cat who has been Mom's constant companion since 2015 who has been inappropriate?


Kitty sleeps holding hands with Mother and myself. Last night she nipped Mother on the hand. Mother has a small mark where kitty either scratched or nipped her. I yelled and batted rolled up paper at kitty and also will make sure kitty has 3 x 15 minutes of daytime activity/grooming as recommended online. Mother is mad at kitty. I have moved kitty's food out of the bedroom and moved the litter box to my study from the master bathroom. The new rule is that kitty does not go in to Mom's room unless I am there and fully awake. My bed is right besides Mothers and it happened while I was sleeping right beside both of them. Mom just awoke from a nap and didn't like the door being closed or being separated from Kitty. There goes the new rule enforcement. What have others experienced. What got in to kitty? I have been keeping kitty inside so she does not bring any dirt or bugs in from the outside. I don't want to change that. kitty is an older cat and has a heart murmer. What have others experienced. Will kitty nip or scratch again? She was pretty upset after I batted paper and raised my voice at her. I have had cats before, kitty is among the sweetest and most loving. She is the only one who has had an aggressive act. She is up to date on all her shots. I did not like keeping Mother's door closed. Have others experienced similar incidences? I think we should keep Kitty out of the bedroom at night time. Mom will probably not like that.



Also check how firmly mother is holding kitty. If it is a little too firm (and hurts kitty) then kitty will let her know. This time it was with nip.

If someone holds my hand too hard (I have arthritis) I have to tell them, as it hurts.
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Have the cat's nail trimmed.
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The kitty is being a cat. I am surprised in 3 years this hasn’t happened before. Make sure the cat is healthy & is up to date with vaccinations. Suggest your mom wears gloves, like thin driving gloves when they interact. Keep alcohol based hand sanitizer handy and have your mom use it (although the alcohol may burn her sensitive, elderly skin).

Your mom loves the cat. I betcha they resume their “2 peas in a pod” relationship again!
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My cat will bat me with his paws when I’m feeding him. Yesterday, his claw hooked my skin. That’s what cats do. I would advise against letting him roam outdoors unless you have an enclosed garden. Much harm can befall an outside kitty.

Make sure the kitty has plenty of scratching posts and boxes around. Get some cat nip and sprinkle it around them to attract kitty. Tell Mom not to pull her hands away when petting Kitty. Some cats (mine included) don’t like to have their stomachs rubbed. Batting a newspaper at Kitty won’t help. Kitty was just doing what comes naturally. Make sure Kitty’s claws are trimmed too. The vet can do this for you.
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My mom has been scratched by the cat because she was jerking her hands away when petting the cat - and the cat thought it was teasing. A cat that is almost blind would be more likely to lash out, simply because the cat cannot see exactly what's going on. The only thing you can do is take the cat to the vet to see if maybe the cat has arthritis or some other condition that could be causing it to have pain or anxiety. Sounds like your mother is not so very upset or she wouldn't want the cat back in. Freqflyer is right - you have to discipline at the moment - later will only make the cat scared of you. It's possible that your mom may have rolled over on the cat!
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daughterlu, the only way to keep a cat from doing something inappropriate is to catch them in action one second afterwards. Please do not use a rolled up newspaper, the cat will become frighten and run when she sees you. And will become afraid of the sound of a newspaper being read.

Let the cat outside to enjoy the direct sunlight, eat grass, watch the wonders of out doors. The amount of dirt/bugs they bring in is so small, it's not worth worrying about. It would be like someone telling us we can't go out anymore.... bet we would throw a tantrum of some type. Kitty's tantrum is nips or scratches. Experiment, let Kitty out and see if at night she does anything inappropriate.

I have a 17 year old cat who is almost blind, also has a heart mummer which is not unusual in cats.... but out the door he goes whenever he wants. He is just so happy when he comes back in. Like he's been rejuvenated.

There are times at night where my cat will tap on my arm, hands, or face and he has his claws out. I had to train him to stop doing that. All I did was anticipate when he was going to do it, and just a split second before he reached out I put my hand around his leg and said in a stern voice "no". He would go and pout. But eventually he learned.
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