How do I find out if she is power of attourney and how do I override this? because she and mum wanted rid of dad so they made up stuff to get him sectioned. Now he's in a care home, I want to get him out as he has vascular dementia, but his brain works sufficiently, he's upset obviously he's in the home.

The sister n mother have manipulated the situation and taken all his stuff from the home, so its like a hospital room with nothing in it. he has a tv with dvd, no dvds -- even though I left him some last time I went, no teddies no books nothing.

I rang the care manager and she said non-chalant that mum n sister go in out with bags

but what can I do now?? is there a lawyer I can go to??

Here is the link you want:

First of all you need to find out whether or not your father is the subject of a registered Lasting Power of Attorney. The OPG (Office of the Public Guardian) will do this for you but it takes a short while.

If he is, and you have reason to believe that the LPA is being improperly used, then you can start the formal process. But you need to note that nobody can transfer your father's LPA to you, appointing you to act for him instead. The LPA can be revoked and a guardian appointed for your father, which won't necessarily be you; but unless there is clear evidence of abuse this is not likely to be done.

What do you actually want to achieve? Have you thought this through? You want him out of the care home. Oh yes? And who's going to look after him, you? Have you ever been a carer for someone with vascular dementia? - I have, and it's no joke I can tell you, and my mother wasn't that much bigger than me.

If you'd like to private message me with details of the home I can help you find out more about it; but unless it's dreadful you'd probably do better to work with them rather than try to change everything.
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