2.5 years ago, I took the initiative to draw up an updated will and trust for my parents. My mother was dying and my Father was not up to handling these matters. It was their wish to have all three children equally share power of attorney. However, the attorney urged that we only have 2 POA, one for health care, one for finances. My parents objected but in the interest of expediting the process and to avoid conflict, I decided to step aside. Less than two months later my mother passed away. My sisters swooped in took over everything regarding my Dad. Before long he was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. I was excluded from all decisions. I had hoped he might come to live with or near me, but one sister insisted he needed to be near her. Just recently I found out that they had him deemed incompetent. I found out through the attorney. Neither one of them told me. I am now very concerned that should I do anything that they disagree with or make them angry in any way that they will be able to restrict me from seeing my Dad. I have never had a conflicts with my Father. We've always been close. This is breaking my heart. What are my rights as a daughter that doesn't have POA?

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You do not need POA to see dad. Your visits could be restricted if you upset him in any way. Just try to get along, be considerate of sisters.
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