How do I change a pull up if the person will not stand up by herself?


I have to hold her up.



My hubby is bedridden and also over 300 lbs. I stopped using pull-ups years ago. They don’t use them in the facilities he was in either. It’s so much easier to use the adult diapers with the tabs and there are videos in YouTube on how to put them on someone who is lying in bed.
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Pull ups rip on the sides. There is also a way to put them on without having to take slacks off if that is what they have on. Someone on the forum may help with that.
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Is person sitting in chair or laying down? if laying down is probably easier. as I believe you would have to roll them on to their side and then to the other side.

if sitting is person able to hold on to a walker for a few seconds. I think that's what my dad had to do for the aids. but I always walked out when they did this.
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You might need to switch to briefs with tabs that open at the sides (like baby diapers).
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