Mom has Parkinsons. How can we relief her feet from cramping up?

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Toes cramping in all directions.

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When my Dad's legs cramp, massage relieves the cramps. You can feel where the spasms are. Rub your hands together all over to warm them up. Then start with the palm of your hand to broadly massage the foot. Get the whole area. Start below where the spasms are and work towards them. This should lessen the cramps. Then with your fingers and palms give a deep massage where the cramp is. Use your thumb and fingers. Massage till the cramps are relieved. Give your Mom mustard or pickles to relieve the cramp. I know it is weird but it works.

To prevent them exercise, walking is best. Try to walk every day even if it is half a block. This will also help prevent falls. Make sure her shoes are not pinching her. Parkinson's can cause feet too swell. Your Mom needs to take a good multi vitamin every day. It needs to have magnesium and potassium in it. These minerals helps to prevent cramps. My Dad eats bananas almost every day. I hope this helps you.
How are her calcium, magnesium and potassium levels. You can't just give these to someone, especially potassium without knowing what they are, but have the levels checked by her doctor. Calcium govern muscle contraction, magnesium governs muscle relaxation. I take it on myself to take some magnesium if I'm having leg cramps. I know if I'm getting too much because it causes loose stools. Potassium can be dangerous if too high or too low and too low can often cause muscle cramps.
check with neurologist, but gabepentin encarbil helps. it also may be dystonia, esp. in feet and legs.
I suggest taking your Mom to the best podiatrist to whom you can get a referral/recommendation. She may have neuromas or some other condition that nothing to do with the Parkinson's. I have periodic bouts with foot cramps/spasms and the podiatrist gave me a prescription for something to rub into my feet. You can still massage them but use the Rx lotion as lubricant. My foot cramps are very painful; it's very good that you're making an effort to get your Mom relief from these! Bless you!
Magnesium sulfate is a very powerful anti- spasmodic. You know it as "Epsom Salts" and it is cheap and available at any drugstore. Make a warm water + Epsom salt soak or compress for her feet. Recipes on the box
Pam, that is excellent. I use it as well.
I agree with all of the above answers, discuss the cramping with mom's physician. Make sure he has current labs or checks her potassium, magnesium and zinc. She may need a muscle relaxer at night. One thing I find that helps Is making sure I drink my 8 glasses of fluids a day. If I don't drink enough I end up having muscle cramps because the toxins build up in my body as I don't urinate them out. Using warm compresses may help as well. Speaking with her physician would be top on my list. Cramping can be terrible I hope you find something that works for her.
CoEnzyme Q10. Sometimes cramps are a side effect of medication, like statin medications. I don't want anyone on this thread jumping all over me for giving "medical advise," so I will say confirm this with your doctor first. I don't have your complete medical picture, but it worked for my husband.
Any kind of leg pain and cramping may, in addition to the above advice, be closely associated to the gut/brain function. This means, check for constipation.
Imop. Google gut/brain. Study it on your own.
I have PD. The first thing in the morning as I am getting out of bed, my left foot cramps severely and my toes curl downward making it very painful to walk. I have found it I put my feet flat on the floor immediately after sitting up in bed it helps. Also massaging foot helps. I have also found that if I can force the cramped foot so it turns outward the toes uncurl. Hope the helps someone.

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