I am 56, have lived with and cared for my Mom in her Mobile Home for the last 5 years. Her health is declining, so, she would like to add my name to the deed for her Mobile Home which is paid in full and stationery in a Mobile Home Park.

My name is already on the lease and I pay the monthly space rental.

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Actually in California mobile homes can and do have deeds. They can have both a deed and a DMV registration. It all depends on whether or not it’s attached to land. Your mom needs to create a new deed (if there is in fact a deed to the trailer) that includes your name. It’s easiest to have an attorney do it because you’ll need to make sure it’s deeded correctly but you can do it yourself too. It also needs to be recorded with the county recorder. The Orange County recorders office should have the forms you need available to download off their website.
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Some mobile homes are listed with DMV and licensed through them and some are listed with Department of Housing and Community Development in the case of California, and it depends on year of the trailer, things having changed in the 70s. You will need to find the paperwork and see how the deeds or titles to the trailer reads. You and your Mom would have to then add your name. Find the papers for when she bought the trailer, then attend a title company with your mother and find out just what papers you should sign. This is easily done and with little cost, so time to find the papers. I THINK.
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I don't think trailers have deeds, I think they have titles. They are like cars, they depreciate with age.

Your problem with being on the deed or title is Mom needing Medicaid within the next 5 yrs for LTC. She will be allowed to keep the trailer. If u prove this is your residence and u can afford to keep it up, u can stay. The problem arises when she passes. Medicaid will put a lean on it. If you leave or sell the trailer, the Medicaid lean will need to be satisfied with her half of the proceeds.

Now just wondering, if it would be better to have Mom sign the trailer over to you in hopes she will not need Medicaid within the 5 year lookback. If you can get over that 5 year mark, then the trailer does not need to be mentioned in the Medicaid paperwork.

You may need to consult with a lawyer versed in Medicaid. If the trailer not worth that much, Medicaid may not even care.
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AlvaDeer Sep 26, 2020
She should find the title or deed and go to a title company in her area. This may be very easily done and was in the case of my Bro's trailer. There is a difference in California between a trailer registered with DMV and one registered with HCD and it depended on year of make of trailer, it having changed in 70s, I do believe. Anyway, a title company, one the papers for the trailer sale are in hand will walk them through this easily and with little cost I do believe. Lots depends upon whether this is considered housing or "trailer". Individual to the case and the state. Don't think they will need a lawyer, and even the trailer park may be able to recommend a title company once they find the papers.
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