How can I go about finding transportation to doctors appointments and back home for my husband?


I do not drive and we live in Las Vegas NV 89123, thank you.

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You can try Senior rides, dial 211 or -866-535-5654

Flexible Demand Response; 228-7433 or 228-1834
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Seems I responded to this same question a few days ago. Uber and Lyft. Also check with your local public transit authority. Mine will provide point to point rides at the same cost as a bus to people that can't ride the bus. It needs to be schedule in advanced. Also check with local senior organizations. My area also has a program where volunteers drive people to doctor's appointments for free.
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If you have a Medicare supplemental insurance, they may provide transportation for so many visits per year. The last time I looked into it was a few years ago and it was 34 appointments.
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I’d call a cab. I am not convinced about Über or Lyft. Too many potential problems.

My area will send a tiny handicap bus if you use a wheelchair. I think it’s no charge and they pull up to the door.
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Here is info specific for Las Vegas:

Here are senior services. Transportation is on page 42:

Here are private options:

Good luck!!
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Regional and local transit authorities can offer different kinds of transit. "Linehaul" is the kind most people think of; it stops at regular stations or points or access, on a scheduled route. In my experience, most linehaul buses have wheelchair lifts. But it is very public, and time consuming b/c of the planned stops.

Paratransit, a/k/a small bus, is door-to-door service. Your local public transit authority can provide information on small bus services. In my area, it was only $1 one way for door-to-door service w/I a 10 mile radius. Arrangements do have to be made in advance though. However, you can't beat a few bucks for a ride!

Some Senior Centers offer the same paratransit service but to limited destinations, such as only within the community, or to specific grocery stores, and on specific days.

Contact your local county government for more options. Or, if Nevada has a senior agency at the state level, they might be able to help, but I think local agencies would offer more information, especially for your specific area.

There may be other, private rather than public, agencies, but my experience is that they're quite expensive. If either of you are a Veteran, you might ask when you call an agency for a quote. One service I found did give Veteran discounts (but the basic prices were so high that the discount should have applied to costs all across the board.

Your doctors may also know of various services. Our ophthalmologist did b/c his staff made arrangements for pickup and delivery for cataract surgery the firm performs.

Do you have neighbors who might help out? You could pay them to take you; some seniors I know have done this.
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I have come to love Uber. Fairly cheap, less than maintaining a car, for sure. You do need to be somewhat "techie" able to use the app, but I love it when out of town, and hubby uses them every week when he needs a lift to the airport and this old gal is not doing chauffeuring anymore.
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Bertha, one could check with a taxi company to see if they have senior discounts, or check with your County/City to see if there is an elderly mini-bus service.
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