How can I get my Mom involved in a hobby, activity or other interesting things?


Instead of sitting and looking pitiful all day? I am caring for my 87 year old mother who has Alzheimer's and dementia. All of my life while growing up, Mama never had any interests. She does not read, sew, knit, or crochet, she does not play games of any kind, she does not try puzzles. She does nothing.

I have tried introducing different interesting things to do, nothing interests her. My problem is that it is almost depressing to watch her sitting looking pitiful all day long, doing absolutely nothing. It sucks all the life out of me, like a hot wet blanket is covering the whole house.

Any ideas on how I can get Mama involved?

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If your mom never had any interests or hobbies before she's unlikely to develop them now. Have you tried having music on in the background? What kind of music does she like? Try different kinds: country, swing, the standards, musicals......Music can work wonders. I have a patient with advanced Alzheimer's whose daughter plays Vince Gill for her and the mom loves it.
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