How can I get Dad in the car so we can go to the hospital?


Because I won’t let him go outside, my dad thinks I’m evil. He says my mother and I are trying to kill him. Last night he had an accident and cut the top of his hand 4" and possibly broke the top of one finger. It needs to be looked at, but the local clinic can’t handle this and I can’t get him to go to the hospital. Suggestions?



Oh, Pontie, I’m sending you big hugs. I know how difficult this must have been for you. I know you feel guilty and sad. What you did, you did because you love your dad. You want him to be safe which he will be now. Wait a few days before you go see him. Let him cool off. You did the right thing.
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Thank you for your suggestion. It wa horrible but we went out for ice cream and then stopped by to visit with the memory care director and left him in their care. It seems so underhanded but he wouldn’t cooperate anymore.
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"Because I won’t let him go outside" How does this factor into his refusal to go out?

Could you elaborate on the first statement - are you restricting his access to outdoors?

I'm not a medical person but I believe that cuts and breaks are time critical issues. If he continues to refuse, go someplace where he can't hear you and call EMS. I would be extremely concerned that he get help ASAP.

If you call, explain the situation. They can tell him that a concerned citizen called them.
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Can you give him a choice? Such as, "Dad, this is your choice how you get it looked at; we can call 911 and have the EMTs come, or we could go to the hospital in the car. Which would you rather do?"
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So the problem isn't that he can't get in the car, it's that he won't, right?
Perhaps a little trickery and/or bribery is needed, promise him a trip to somewhere he wants to go and detour to the hospital or urgent care clinic on the way. See if you can call ahead so they are waiting for you.
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