She does enjoy ice cream, but that's getting to be an unhealthy habit...

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My mother was the same as Sunnygirl says about her LO. Mom couldn’t see that well because of Macular Degeneration. Her hearing was also going bad. She couldn’t follow what was on television and didn’t want a radio.. I even offered to get her a CD player with some of her favorite music but she said no. She couldn’t figure out a radio. They had activities but she needed an aide even to help with bingo.

In the final years and months of her life, she just sat in her chair. Trying to interest her in anything was more for my benefit than her’s. She was hallucinatory and delusional. She napped and then wandered the halls in the nursing home.

Let her have all the ice cream she wants. What’s the harm? If she’s diabetic, get her sugar free.
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As people who have dementia progress, (your profile says that's what she has), they are not really able to participate in activities as we think they might like. Their abilities change and we might need to adjust the activity, if they aren't able to participate.

I used to really think that my LO would enjoy watching tv and was insistent to have it for her with cable hook up, but, as I discovered, she's just not into that anymore. It might be sound, but, she can't follow the stories or even focus on the screen anymore. Some residents in the MC, like her, just aren't able to do things any longer, like stretching, Bingo, watching movies, singing, etc. So, some things that I do is play her her old favorite songs. I apply nice fragrant lotion on her arms. I brush her hair, Just sit and talk to her. Show her old photos. I'm not sure if this means much to her, but, I hope it does. I will get an occasional nod or raised eyebrow of approval.
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