My father became ill last weekend and of course we suspected Covid. Tested positive on Monday and on Tuesday went to the hospital for a monoclonal antibody infusion. Also started other meds. I am 68, so a little high risk. I have stayed with him, trying to social distance, wearing a mask, etc. He is giving me pushback about preparing food because, “it is his house”. So we keep arguing. Today, I insisted that I prep the food and he blew a gasket and told me he wanted to be alone, please leave. I am the only relative that lives close by and he shouldn’t be alone. He told me not to come back.

Why shouldn't he be alone? He's in a bad mood, obviously, and not showing serious symptoms of being sick, so why are you jeopardizing YOUR health by forcing your services on a man who doesn't want them? He has your number, and he can also call 911 if need be.

Don't go back, that's my suggestion. Protect YOURSELF and let him alone to do as he sees fit.

Good luck!
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Prepare your own food. Wear a mask. Get an N95 if you are able or wear TWO KN95. Washing hands thoroughly. You are now protecting yourself from HIM. Tell him so, and tell him you are there because he cannot be left alone, and you are happy to have an ambulance called to haul his sorry self off to the hospital whether he likes it or not if he cannot protect you and cooperate. Then do JUST THAT. If you have nothing else and cannot get it wear two masks at all time. Protect yourself. HE already has it.
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Beachgal52, we need more information as I noticed your didn't fill out your profile. What are your Dad's medical issues, mobility, memory, etc.

I don't understand why your Dad is upset with you preparing food for him. Is it because he rather do it? Or is it because he would prefer to eat something else?

If your Dad is of clear thinking, he does have a right to live however he wants. That is so common with many of our parents here. Usually we need to wait for a medical emergency where 911 is called, hospitalization, rehab, then decision of caregivers at home or move to senior living.

Whatever you do, please keep safe :D It's been less than a week for your Dad and he probably still has transmittable symptoms that he can pass onto you. Maybe that is Dad's thinking, he doesn't want you to become the next covid victim, so go home. Has either you or your Dad figured out where he might have picked up the covid?
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