I'm trying to get John Hancock to approve me as an independent care provider for my mom (she lives with me and I'm her full-time caregiver). Because I'm immediate family, JH will only let me be reimbursed if I work for a home health company (which I do) but having to go that route eats up over half of her monthly benefit amount because the hourly rate charged by the home health company is so much more than my hourly wage. I'm wanting to keep as much money in her policy so that it lasts as long as possible.

Moving her to a facility isn't an option (personal family decision) and we're not wanting additional home health people coming in and out with Covid because any respiratory distress or illness is life threatening to my mom.

Has anyone gotten the terms of their LTCI changed due to Covid?
Thank you!

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Have you considered trying to negotiate with the home health company or others in your area?

You only work for your Mom and she would only have you working for her?

There might be an agency willing to handle just the payroll and liability management and pass on some of their savings on client recruitment and staff scheduling.

Also check the LTC contact for anything that looks like it might help. Ours has an "Alternative Care Payment Provision Rider" which gives the insurer the right to authorize care not specified if they "determine that it is cost effective, is appropriate to your needs, is consistent with general standards of care, and provides you with an equal or greater quality of care."
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I think it is highly unlikely that the insurance company will change their contracted obligation.

The only work around that I can see would be to start your own LTC company, but that may not work.
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Was a contract or something binding signed when the policy was purchased?  That's the first source I'd check, i.e., to determine whether or not there's any possibility of negotiation.  

If not, would you consider terminating the contract at some point and finding another company that's more cooperative?

I have no experience with LTC companies, so I really don't know much about how they operate.
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This might be a good question for an attorney who deals in contracts. Come back and let us know if you've made any progress (or not) on this front. Good luck!
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