My mother was diagnosed with late stage cancer at the beginning of 2020. She has masses on her kidney, liver, stomach, brain, lung, breast, pancreas, and bladder. She also has a blood clot on her kidney. She has surgery to remove the big mass on her brain but she still has smaller ones. She also did radiation on the brain as well. She tried a very low dose of chemo but could not handle it so she decided to stop all cancer treatments and go on hospice. When she first got home from the hospital she was miserable and barely able to walk. Now that the chemo is out of her system, she is feeling better. She also has a pain patch and takes pain pills every day for the pain to keep her comfortable. Hospice gave her 2 months or less. I just was wondering how accurate it is. Since she was acting so well, I didnt know if maybe she would be around longer? Thanks in advance for answers.

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No one has their "expiration date" tattooed on the bottom of their foot or anywhere else on their body.
The doctors make best "guesstimates" but they can be wrong.
Often on Hospice people actually improve because of better, more personal care. If this happens they "graduate" from Hospice but as they decline Hospice can always be called in again. But as long as there is a continued decline a person can typically remain on Hospice. (my Husband was on Hospice for just over 3 years)
Hospice's "job" is to help manage her pain, care for her, provide supplies, equipment and support for as long as she is on Hospice. The support is for the family as well as mom.
Your "job" is to enjoy the time you have with mom be the best daughter you can be and support her the best you can.
So as far as "Accurate" there is only ONE that knows when anyone's time is live each day to the fullest doing the best you can in every way.
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Hospice evaluated condition by what she had been through and where she was medically. They will change evaluations as it goes along. You should understand that it is not at ALL unsual for there to be a period when a patient markedly improves under the care of hospice. Truth, acceptance, pain relief, the end of struggles that make one so very ill to no good end and diminish the quality of life so very much. Such good news to hear she is doing so well in hospice. I hope she continues. You fully understand where she stands in the tremendous and courageous battle she has waged against cancer, however. You cannot guess really, no matter how you try to take all things into consideration, how things will go in terms of time. Wishing you luck and am so gladdened that your Mom is having some good days. Really, that is what you WANT for her, is a good and decent and dignified and pain free end, not a painful struggle that devastates and dimishes her, and has you praying for her death. Good luck and hugs.
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