Anyone have experience with home security door sensors?


Mom just started "wandering." Has anyone had experience with door sensors or security alarms that let you know if she's gone outside at night?

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Dead bolts are NOT really safe in the case of a fire as NO ONE can get OUT and the FIREMEN CANNOT GET IN.

{FYI: People with Dementia DO LOOK UP, especially when they are 6 feet tall and they sit where they can see the staff unlocking and locking the deadbolt routinely whenever the staff opens the door. One of our Dementia residents got really good at unlocking a deadbolt so that he could "go to work" at the newspaper office that he had worked at all of his life.}

Child-proof doorknobs might be a better option. Many nursing homes use "visual deterrents" to prevent a person with dementia or Alzheimer's from going through a doorway or a door.

Here are some websites of Stop Signs made especially as visual deterrent for wandering. Many of the signs are attached with Velcro-like fasteners so that you can take them off anytime you want to. The sign will need to be remove prior to your loved one going out the door.

Here are some websites about how to prevent wandering:
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Looking forward to your personal review of the product.

Is it possible to put additional deadbolts on the doors up high? I saw this with doorknobs at a very old NH. No wandering as demented people apparently do not look up. Go figure.
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Thank you all, a friend who’s in the technology business recommended Simplisafe. It’s affordable and well rated, so I bought today and will let you know how it works. We’re always here with mom, but somehow she slipped out.
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Wandering, yes, the other, no, but I think it would be a great idea. She is very stealth when it comes to moving around.
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There are many online, an alarm system is more complete if set up to call your phone when it goes off. Will you be in the house with her or do you want it to notify you remotely? those are main questions to know. We use the onsite alert ones as there`s always someone in the same location.
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Check out the Ring products on Amazon. They connect to your home WiFi network and are motion activated. You can get a notification on your phone when the motion sensors detect movement.
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