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My mom had a very bad stroke; left side immobile. We would like to have a ramp added to her house for wheelchair access. In addition, rails in the hallway and along frequently used walls would help a lot. Another consideration is reconfiguration of the bathroom or perhaps the installation of a bath tub she can sit in with minimal stepping requirements. Finally, the wiring in her home may need to be upgraded to accommodate the medical equipment she is bringing home from rehab. The extra voltage may drain existing power sources. This would be a basic remodel to accommodate her disability resulting from the stroke; stroke took happened 2 weeks ago, so trying to get things in order. With low income - limited finances.

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My MIL tried some of the things that you mentioned. The bathroom remodel was $5,000. Then, when she finally realized that she couldn't live there anymore, that money was not recouped in the sale. Her daughters tried to keep her at home, but she was wise and went to full time care.

My 95 yo mother had a stroke last Monday. She is still in the hospital. her speech, swallowing and left side were effected. She will be going to PT upon discharge and then the nursing home.

Good luck to you. If you are new to elder care, it takes awhile to figure out what to do.
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Your area is served by sarcoa.org, but their brochure only lists Habitat for Humanity. Besides a ramp, you would need all doorways to be at least 32" wide, you would need a handicap access tub and it sounds like you would need an upgraded electrical service and additional outlets. I don't think this is going to all be done in a week or two. Your alternative is for her to get to rehab and see if she can progress in PT. Stay in touch with the discharge planner and the social worker. If mom is elderly, I don't think they will let her live alone anymore. It is very difficult to dress, cook, bathe or toilet with only one side working. She will either need a nursing home or a live in caregiver.
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