client is bothered by some of the things i have written in the daily log sheet. This is a difficult client who is very agitated by having to move out of state to a A.L.F. ( her kids idea) She has been very rude to the in home Occupational therapist and to me. I have tried to keep my wording professional but can recall one time i could have done better. I thought the client log sheet was to communicate with other caregivers and the family reguarding daily activities, appts. meals and nutrition their likes and dislikes and moods so others know what to expect. How can I professionaly defend myself. I can take constructive criticism but I find this company always takes the clients side even when other C.Gs agree with how things are handled in the home. client refused to use walker was dragging it behind her trying to carry objects and was dropping them. I picked them up and said I would bring them to her sitting room so she could use 2 hands for her walker it would be safer and I didnt want her to jepperdise the progress she has mad since her fall.She called the office and said I was bosey.I wrote the incident in the client log binder . Another time we had to go to a DR. appt. and she refused to tell me left or right. She just kept saying turn here. I asked her several times to say left or right and she wouldnt which resulted in turning around several times. This is the time I wrote in the book the car ride was a nightmare. My bad, I admit but again how do I defend myself when the meeting takes place?

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Another thought - who hired you? The woman you care for or her family? If the latter, you might want to ask your supervisor whether, how often and/or to what extent the family should be involved.
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Is your client in an AL facility now, or is the move pending? I'm not quite clear on that.

If your employer takes the side of the client, you might take an offensive stance and present specific situations you've encountered and ask how the employer suggests they be handled, given the contrary nature of the client. Bring the supervisor in, including if you have additional problems with this client. That way you can cover yourself in the future by relying on guidance from your supervisor.

I would do the same thing if/when you're queried on this current complaint. Be professional above all else and seek guidance, being sure to include the fact that the client is angry about her placement. Ask the supervisor how he or she would have handled the situation.

For appointments, try to get a list of those to which you'll be taking her ahead of time and google the location so you can rely on your own directions.

There's another issue that concerns me about taking her to appointments while she's misdirecting and confusing the directions. Are you driving in your car, with your vehicle insurance? Is the company providing any kind of liability coverage for you?

If this woman doesn't know (and perhaps she has some confusion or dementia issues) the difference between left and right, you and she are at higher risk for an accident. Have you addressed this potential liability issue with your employer?
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