Recently moved back in with my 60 some year old mother who is close to retiring and wanting to move to Florida. My husband and I moved in to help her achieve her dream, but we have noticed small things we think may be attributed to beginning stages of dementia. Like we will go over bills and I'll tell her ok I'll give you x amount of money a week, but x per month and she will agree, then she comes back and acting like the conversation never happened. Or another time she let us borrow some money for our trip since we were in a tight spot and needed to leave in a certain time frame, and would be paying far more then the monthly bill...but the amount we discussed changed by x amount and she says that she never said that amount, or it'll be other small things where we agreed on something and she comes back and says it never happened, then gets angry when I try to tell her it didn't happen that way.

Could this be dementia or random memory flubs. It doesn't happen all the time, just maybe once every month or so something like this may spring up. I just need to know if it is me jumping to conclusions or if something is wrong.

And before anyone points she won't go to the doctor to check, I tried that with her hearing once and she yelled at me saying it was something wrong with me, not her. lol

Agree with JoAnn. Sign 2 copies. Keep one. My Alz mother tears and throws away any paper that she doesn't think is relevant.

Better yet, record the conversations on your phone. My Alz. mother will deny ever saying or agreeing to anything she doesn't remember. So a few times, I recorded our conversations. She couldn't deny her own voice saying things, but then did say why or when she said such things.
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Dementia or is she playing you. Put it in writing. Have her and you sign. Then you have proof of the conversation.

A check up would not hurt. If she retires before Medicare, she is going to have to pay for her own insurance unless her company will carry her till Medicare kicks in at 65. This may be a good reason for her to have full check up before she retires, her companies insurance may pay for it. Write down what you have seen and give it to the nurse for the doctor. This gives him an idea what questions to ask and what test to perform.
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