My Dad cannot walk or speak clearly and needs alot of help in the shower, shaving, haircuts. He falls alot and my Mom is not strong enough to help him. Is there an agency that can send someone a few days a week to help my parents out?

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Thanks, Everishlass. Bathing is one of the hardest issues for many people to accomplish (as we've seen on this site). Sometimes an aide is needed just for that.

But you're right - sometimes just an hour here or there from an agency can accomplish a lot, if only for some respite for the caregiver. It costs money but that hour or two a week can mean a lot.
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There are home health aides. Are you just needing someone to help your dad bathe? If that's the case his Dr. can write an order for a bath aide. It's covered by Medicare and an aide comes to your house and showers your dad and shaves him. They don't cut hair though but the aide might know of someone who will come to the house and cut his hair.

If you're needing more time then I would go through a home healthcare agency to get a caregiver. This isn't usually paid for by Medicare so it's expensive but if your parents can afford it they might find that they really appreciate the assistance. Aides will come for anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours. It depends upon your parents' needs.

Once you find a reputable agency and contact them they'll send out a nurse to talk with you and your parents and see what you're needing exactly. With the nurse's assistance you can all figure out what hours and days would work best for your parents.
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