My mom and dad were married during 2 wars in which he served. They divorced after 27 yrs and both remarried. Wondering if she would be eligible for any $$?

I'll do my part and call the VA; just wanted to hear anyone else's story. Thanks!

Thank you for your answer. I do want to tell you that my mom is getting my deceased father's SS even though her 2nd husband is dead. Husband 2 played the stock market and didn't pay SS. Social Security office said that anyone married 25 yrs or more can choose whose SS to get. Sounds weird but true.

I did read more about the VA and understand your answer.
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No. Divorced spouses are not entitled to any benefits. Benefits end when the marriage ends basically. My FIL was in the army around 18 years (and did a year or 2 in Vietnam I recently found out.) Anyway, his ex wife, my late MIL, was not able to get any VA benefits because they had divorced.
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