This morning I was talking to mom. I asked her if she 'got any phone calls yesterday'. I had to repeat several times with her saying I don't understand what you mean. She had me spell "phone" but either couldn't hear, or still didn't understand. She kept saying 'I don't get what you're asking me."

When we went through that for what seemed like five minutes, I finally asked her 'if she heard from anyone yesterday." She didn't miss a beat and told me who had called her.

I had a similar experience with her last week when she couldn't understand the word 'source' when I was trying to talk her through a TV remote crisis.

Is there something about recall and memory loss with random everyday words?

As cwillie mentions, hearing loss can result in this but it’s also sometimes a matter of language processing and the need for more context.
After my mother had her stroke (left temporal) I always made sure to include enough in the sentences I was saying to her to give her a little extra boost of background.
We almost always understood each other. 😊
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Happens all the time here. I have to choose what is important enough to continue a conversation that will lead to an answer. Many times, I have given up and walked away.
Some days are harder than others, so there may be something cyclical about the temporary decline in understanding. I always ask "have you taken your vitamins?".
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This really sounds more like a hearing problem than a cognitive to me, has she had her ears tested?
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AnnReid Apr 13, 2020
Not necessarily, although it definitely can be caused by hearing loss.
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