My Aunt in MC has lost her custom hearing aids.
Honestly, she never remembered to wear them.

The Director of the MC called me to tell me that my Aunt says she can't hear. So I ordered new hearing aids from Amazon. 5 star rating!

Has anyone else tried OTC hearing aids? Did they work?

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Since mom threw hers away saying she did not need them, I realize part of it was the dementia and inability to process words. Try a sound amplifier for $50 on Amazon. Get both the earbuds and cheap headphones to determine her preferences
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There's no harm, I don't think, in trying them. After an evaluation, prescribed hearing aids are tuned to the frequencies the patient is missing. OTC aids are essentially amplifiers and may not offer the results you are looking for. OTCs are new, however, and may be effective to restore some loss, but they wouldn't do much for someone with profound hearing loss.
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All you can do is try them.
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