but thats all I heard about it. He is alot like his Mother, she has Alzheimer's 94 yrs old in a nurcing home. Her DR. never saw it with her . My husband can get very verble abusive with me, and all he wants is to buy things he will never use. I handle the bills and with all the costs going up I am having problems . We are both on S.Security and I can only spead it so far. When I tell him we can't buy he keeps bugging me or gets mad. I don't know how to handle all this. He gives me a hard time with my family when they call, but his sister or daughter it is differant. This is a second marrage , and over 30 yrs. He still brings up about his X wife and divorce. He is a drinker and has very bad health Heart and annerysiums. Please help

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Excellent comments by geewiz! His issues may be caused by brain problems from the alcohol, which would be different than Alzheimer's or vascular dementia. A doctor should be able to tell the difference. If your husband signed HIPAA permission or has a health directive naming you as his representative, you should be able to communicate with the doctor. Even if you don't have legal permission, you could write his doctor to give him or her the information. They couldn't release information to you, but at least your input could be considered.
Take care of yourself, even if you have to move out.
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A few ideas. Are you permitted to discuss your husband's situation with the doctor. Hubby would need to sign approval for the doctor to discuss with you. Have him sign that at the next visit and speak with the doctor separately about your concerns.

Can you get out on your own? Look for an al-anon meeting near you and attend.

Let him buy all the "stuff" and then bring it back on your own. It allows him the pleasure of buying and saves the family's finances.
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