Getting to doctor when she won't go outside. Any suggestions?


We have to get mom to the doctor next week yet she hasn't even been outside for weeks. I am not sure how we will get her in the car. Any suggestions?



would she hold onto a new teddy bear. something that was soft and take her mind off feeling afraid?  picture a child and how they get security from a stuffed toy (?)
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Sometimes, when you’ve been what we used to call a “shut-in” for very long, the” Big Outdoors” is scary Even the breeze on your face can be frightening. Is there any way you could take Mom outside on the porch, patio or even driveway for a few minutes each day? The weather is very nice, at least here in Akron, Ohio. If she’s ok and in a wheelchair, maybe even for a short walk.

if you take JoAnna’s excellent advice, be sure you follow through with a treat after the doctor’s visit. Yes, just like with a child.
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Just tell her your going for a ride. Little white lie. I cut back on Dr. visits with Mom. I started doing Moms bills and found her Primary had her coming back ever two months. I asked her why, she had no idea. At the time she was only on BP medication and Cholesterol. Neither needing a two month check up. I told myself, if he asks her what she is doing there, I was not making her another appt. He did, and I didn't. I took her when she needed a new prescription or she was sick. Another Dr. we had been going to since a hospital visit. He found nothing wrong. After a couple of follow up visits I asked to go a yr. Eventually, I dropped him.
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