Does anyone know how I can get my Mother (85) to drink more water in a day's time?

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My mother has always been a slow eater and a slow drinker, even when she was a kid. My mother's doctor wants my Mom to drink at least 3- 16.9 fluid oz bottles a day every day. She's doing good if she drinks 1 - 16.9 fluid oz bottle in 3 days. If I let her, she would much rather drink multiple cups of coffee all day long.

Although there is water in coffee, coffee is not good for her kidneys and bladder especially since she has frequent UTI's and is urine incontinent and has to wear diapers all day and all night.

Mom doesn't like tea, or kool-aid or lemonade or lemon water or flavored water.

Can anyone help me out please? Her urine is very, very strong and dark. Her urine smells like snot and it's filmy like too. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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What about fruit juices? Or summer soups? Fruit itself has fluids so they're good choices as well. Some salads such as bean salads are in a dressing with fluids.

With fall coming soon, soups are a great option.

There are also the Boost, Ensure and similar type drinks. If she's on Coumadin, check a Vitamin K list to see which would interfere the least with her PT/INR levels. We were warned that one of them is a bit more threatening to those levels than another, but were also told that it wasn't that much of a concern. We erred on the safe side.

I don't have any insights on the urine issue. I think that's a matter for a urologist or one of her doctors.
Try giving her watered down apple juice or cranberry juice to make it more appealing. Or if she enjoys sparkling water make it into a sparkling drink. You could also add lemon or lime to dress it up.
Buy a good quality decaff, put it in her regular container if she makes a fuss. I've looked into the whole coffee issue and it is not as bad as some say. The diuretic properties are less in habitual coffee drinkers so it is not really dehydrating and is certainly better than nothing. Try keeping a cup of iced water always at hand, often my mom will empty the cup even when she claims she is not thirsty. And increase the other fluids in her diet; soups, fruits, even veggies are mostly water. Try sherbets, jello, popsicles in the summer, herbal tea and hot chocolate are favorites all year.
Weak coffee, weak iced coffee, as long as it has plenty of water in it, I wouldn't worry about the effect of the caffeine. Some water tastes better than others. For example Dasani has some minerals added to it to make it taste better. Some old folks will drink sugar-free lemonade mix made from a powder. Have a taste-testing contest...have her taste several items and select which one she likes the best. Fill a 1 litre plastic bottle with a sip lid (doesn't spill easily) and leave it by her bed. If her mouth gets dry she can 'take a sip'. Also makes it easy to track consumption. Just a few things that works for us.
I would also explore the decaff coffee. How is that bad? I'd also try watermelon, and other fruits and vegetables. Squash has a lot of water in it.

Also, what about milk, ice cream, shakes, smoothies, etc.
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All the above suggestions are great. But the hard cold fact is: " You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink".
I have the same problem with my Mom. I've tried alot of the above suggestions with varying degrees of success. I've finally reached the point where all I can do is provide the best I can for her and what will be will be. It's a tough one though to accept.
This is true Nojoy3. For varying reasons, people stop wanting to eat or drink and there's not much you can do about it. You do the best you can.
Very dark and filmy urine? Does the MD know that? I would be sending some off to the lab for analysis. Call the MD first thing Monday morning.
I'm hung up with what snot smells like.

Pam's right, of course test her urine.

She's 85 years old. If coffee is her beverage of choice, don't worry about it. Liquid is liquid. Use decaf.

As others have suggested, try other juice...cranberry juice...fizzy water...see if something else rings her lil' chimes.
Yes pamstegma and MaggieMarshall, her family doctor and urologist and her gynecologist all knows what her urine looks and smells like. They all say the same thing, she needs to increase her water intake. I've already tried ice water, flavored water, watered down juices, milk, some soups, decaf coffee, tea, (she is not a tea drinker). If she feels like it or "thinks about it" she will drink or eat this stuff. But if she doesn't, she acts very childish and either throws a temper tantrum for me or throws the food and beverages in her waste paper basket, making a royal mess even though her waste paper basket is lined with a plastic trash bag.

I hate seeing my Mom like this. I just wish I had the ability to turn back the hands of time to when she wasn't like this. I'm sure all of you do too. Thank you everyone for your great advice, support and wisdom.

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